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I[/fusion_dropcaplove arandanos—or blueberries as we call them in English. Their sweetness, juiciness and their beautiful bluish-purple color decorating my breakfasts are never missing from my kitchen.

Now is the season to enjoy blueberries harvested here in the United States, and that’s why we celebrate National Blueberry Month this month. We also get to enjoy these delectable treats during in the winter, thanks to Chile, which also harvests delicious blueberries.

So, what makes blueberries small but powerful?

  • They have more antioxidants than red wine and green tea (the kind that helps fight disease). They help with aging and skin revitalization.
  • They are anti-inflammatory.
  • They are full of fiber, vitamin C, E and potassium.
  • There are only 40 calories in ½ cup, so they are perfect snacks.
  • They help prevent Alzheimer’s and minimize the risks of heart attacks.
  • They prevent colon cancer.

When you buy them:

  • Select the ones that look firmer and have a uniform color.
  • Move the carton around and if the berries move easily, they are fresh and haven’t been frozen.
  • Verify they are not broken or moistened and take out the bad ones before refrigerating them.
  • Do not rinse them before storing, do it just before eating them.

Do not keep them in a vegetable drawer in the fridge because they’ll get more moisture and go bad. They can last several days in the fridge otherwise.

How to eat them:

  • Enjoy them as snacks for both yourself and the kids.
  • Eat them for breakfast with oatmeal, in cereal, muffins, on French toast or pancakes, or even in a refreshing smoothie.
  • Put them in a salad, cake, crepes, in meat sauce, or eat them with cheese.
  • You can also enjoy them “flamed” by serving them on a pound cake in a butter sauce with sugar, orange, lemon and a touch of orange liqueur…mmmmm!

If you know of a farm that grows blueberries, support them and fill your basket to the top. Or if your city organizes a blueberry festival, take advantage and savor the thousand and one ways of enjoying these delicious berries.

Take advantage of the season! Your blueberries will be cheaper but also so much richer.

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