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    You have to look at the kitchen as a “therapy”...
  • The refreshing flavors of the season

    A gift from summer...
  • Criollo Hummus, Garlic and Paprika

    A nutritional dish, easy to make and very versatile.
  • Carrot & coriander soup

    Prepare this recipe, and you will be convinced of how good it is.
  • Fresh Mango Dressing

    There are no excuses for not making a fresh dressing at home...
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5 Fun Kid-Friendly Recipe Ideas to Try This Summer

Moms and dads, summer is here and, yes, our children will be home all the time! It's the perfect opportunity to have fun as a family, starting in the kitchen.


Piquillo Peppers, a Spanish delicacy

Just by naming it my mouth starts to water! You don't have to be from Spain to value this delicacy in: salads, gazpacho...



Fabulous Food - The Kitchen Doesn´t Bite

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