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My day doesn’t start until I drink my coffee and eat my eggs. As simple as that! I remember with great enthusiasm, breakfast time when I was a child. The eggs were always there, and if they were from the chickens in my grandparents’ yard, even better. The yolk was almost red and very tasty. To be honest, I think my parents blackmailed me more than once by saying “there are no eggs tomorrow”, when I misbehaved.

Maybe that’s why today I see white eggs in the supermarket with pale yellow yolks and I get a bit more than angry, I feel sad. Today there are so many options, colors and sizes, but the most important categories are conventional, cage free, free range and organic, we can find some that say “enriched with Omega-3”.

Which ones are the best? You have to read a little and just open them to understand that color, taste and nutritional value vary. Based on multiple studies, the “free-range” (no cage free or organic) are the ones who are ahead in everything.

When compared to regular eggs, free range eggs have:

  • less cholesterol than conventional eggs
  • less saturated fat
  • more vitamin A, B and E
  • more Omega-3 and beta-carotene

Without forgetting that they have always had a reputation for:

  • help us to lose weight
  • increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL)
  • help our muscles and strengthen the immune system
  • nourish our hair, nails, skin, brain and eyes

If we add to all this, that they are tastier, have more color, look spectacular on a plate and fill us up more protein content, say no more. They even look more photogenic on our instagram!

Let’s invest a little bit more in our health and next time you go grocery shopping, get better eggs. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but always remember Julia’s Child quote: “The egg can be your best friend if you give it the right rest.”

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