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Viva Bordeaux!The Bordeaux region has very good reasons to be called the best, most elegant and respected wine region in the world. You will never imagine how much history, life, studies and tradition can be found in every bottle and in every sip.

These wines are part of the culture of their region that dates back to the ancient Romans. Bordeaux, located in the southwest part of France, between the Gironde, Garonne and Dordogne Rivers, the wines are like a religion. It is a paradise region, with an impressive diversity of soils and climates but overall very maritime. The climate, seasoned by the Atlantic, helps to create the perfect grape ripening, which provides interesting vintages. But Mother Nature is not the only that deserves credit for the final product. In addition, its greatest virtue is in the hands of those who assemble or blend the grapes. Bordeaux treasures quality and complexity in its wines. While in other regions wines are produced with one type of grape in a 85-100%, in Bordeaux it's all about blending. Unique combinations of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (the most planted) grapes complemented by Cabernet Franc, followed by Malbec and Petit Verdot are used for red wines. While the grapes Sauvignon Blanc and Semilion are complemented by Muscadel for white wines.

In other words, in each bottle there is a very special art that many call perfection. These wines, unlike others, have the incredible potential of aging of between 3 and up to 100 years... so a wine from Bordeaux, the more years it has, the better the experience when tasting it.

There are Bordeaux wines for all tastes and budget. Amazing wines that goes from structured to complex in caseDoreen Colondres - La Cocina No Muerde! of the reds and from fresh to fruity in case of the whites. They are very easy to drink, pair and, most importantly, they go perfectly with all kinds of cuisine because they are categorized as food friendly wines! For these reasons, I have selected five wines that go very well with our Hispanic "sazón". There are 60 appellations or protected areas in Bordeaux. Among the 60 appellations or protected areas that exist in Bordeaux, I chose three reds wines from Margaux, Bordeaux and Lussac-Saint Emillon. And among the whites, I selected wines from Entre-Deux-Mers and Sauternes areas for the appetizer and dessert dishes.

Next time you buy wines, take a minute and read the labels so you can become familiar with the areas they come from and recognize the type of blends. All wines have their charm. Choose your favorite and enjoy it! I will be sharing more stories soon. The Bordeaux wine region has a rich culinary tradition that reflects both Basque and Spanish influences, so I will be there soon, sharing with you all their culinary secrets.

Now you can say: Bordeaux wines don't bite! Download the Bordeaux Recipe Guide so you can have all my flavorful and elegant Latin recipes ready in your kitchen!

Cheers!!! ¡Salud!



Food photos by Kelly Sterling - Doreen's Photos by Omar Cruz - Special thanks to Pedini Miami

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